Payment Details

Volunteer Tanzania
Volunteer in an orphanage or teach English in and around Arusha Tanzania in East Africa. Rural and Urban selections available with home-stay opportunities for the perfect cultural adventure
Upon agreement of your placement Tanzania Joy Volunteer will provide you with their bank account details for payment or send you a payment request via email. the $150.00 deposit is required initially and will be deducted from your final payment. Payments can be made in installments with the final payment due no later than 6 weeks prior to your arrival in Tanzania. As this is the case we would prefer to cut out the third party and use that money where it’s really needed. This is currently our only method for accepting credit cards though so we understand this sometimes leaves us no other alternative.

100% of all the funds donated to Tanzania joy volunteer are used directly towards the specific purpose the donor requested. Whether it is use to help purchase school supplies, sponsor a student, farming, medical supplies, to build a fence or a new student center the funds are used as it should be. A Trust account is set up for this reason and handled by the law of Tanzania. A receipt and complete statement is returned to the supporter. This assures that 100% of the contributions are secured.
We appreciate your interests in our organization and your assistance in helping us to achieve our goals.
‘Thank you very much’… ‘Asante Sana…’

Tanzania Joy Volunteer is a small volunteer organization created since 2007 by the shared ambition of a few local people.

This organization is working under its constitution and is registered under the Societies Act with registration no 951 October 2007, Law of TANZANIA.